ID Application Protector

ID Application Protector 1.2

ID Application Protector is a first-range protectingsystem,...

ID Application Protector is a first-range protectingsystem, preventing outside access to all of your executable files and folders. Encryptsexecutable files to keep their content secure and safe fromanybody else`s access to your files.

It allows you to later restorethem, recovering the exact original content it had before encrypting. Itsupports. exe files, as well as. dll and. ocx.

IDApplication Protector, at your request, encodesselected files under a protection password key. It so enables youto be the only one allowed to decrypt the applications or programs.

Appliespatching actions to files, during runtime. While encrypting andcompressing, targeted files are patched by IDApplication Protector, to ensure the original content and qualityis being preserved.

Compressesany program code, data and resources, by shrinkingfiles` size up to 70% of their standard length. It so allowsyou to store more executable files on your disk without loosingcontained information or data.

Decompressesfast and with highest performances. ID ApplicationProtector is one of the best decompressing programs, ensuringextremely fast and top quality actions.

IDApplication Protector offers anti debuggerand anti-decompiling protection techniques. It also provides anti-genericdumper, anti API spy and anti-patch techniques.

Protectsagainst virus and hacker attacks. IDApplication Protector offer complete protection against attackstargeting your executable files. By encrypting and compressing programsand applications, you secure them against any outside contact.

IDApplication Protector has an easy to use, convenient graphicinterface, takes little space on your disk to run, and acts with greatefficiency, fast and simple.

ID Application Protector


ID Application Protector 1.2

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  • d00f

    by d00f

    "Does not work properly!"

    The application does something to the .exe files but once "protected" they will not run at all. Con...   More.